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Why Are There No Black People in Argentina?

As I watched the Argentina and Iceland match today and wondered why there were no black players in the Argentinean team when other South American teams had black or biracial players, I remembered a conversation I had last year. It was while I was on a cruise from Florida to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Between an Argentinean doctor and myself, who had walked up to me during lunch one day and struck up a conversation with me. There was no hiding the attraction. We had bonded much to the chagrin of her three Argentinean friends. On the deck of the ship that day, she kept going on about how she loves black men and looks forward to traveling so she can meet them. I asked her. "Don't you have black people in Argentina?" She said with a matter of fact candour. "No. Long time ago, after slavery, we killed them all." I was taken aback. She smiled. And continued. "Very bad. I am ashamed of …

Good Friday: Alabama Abortion Mill Shutting Down Due to Numerous Health Code Violations

The New Woman All Women abortion mill in Birmingham, Alabama, has shown signs of cracking for some time.
This is the clinic where Ireported in January two botch abortions were committed in a single day, and where I reported in February it had posted a threatening sign against pro-lifers (“Use deadly force only if necessary”).
Also in February Bryan Kemper reported the mill’s sole abortionist had quit.
So the handwriting was on the wall when on Friday the  Alabama Department of Public Health announced the clinic would be giving up the ghost due to numerous health code violations.
Owner’s other clinic may close
An interesting aside. New Woman All Women is owned by Dianne Derzis, pictured right.
Derzis also owns the Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion mill in Jackson, Mississippi. After the Mississippi legislature passed a bill on April 5 requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at the local hospital, Derzis warned that clinic may be forced to close as well:
Derzis… said its physicians are OB-GYN certified but only one has admitting privileges. She said clinic doctors live out of state because they have been stalked and threatened. And most hospitals will not grant such privileges to out-of-state physicians….
She also said the clinic would do everything possible to comply with the new regulations but more than one physician is needed to stay open. Derzis said she would sue the state if the doctors cannot comply with the new regulations and the clinic is forced to close.
All in all, last week was one I expect Dianne Derzis would sooner forget, but it was a great one for babies and mothers.
[Photo of Derzis via CNN]


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