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World Leader Quotes: Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler Knew Who the TRUE Jewels of God Were
Compiled by: James E. Buchanan, III CEO/Information Architect 

Hitler said that, even in his death, he would start World War Three (WWIII). One of his soldiers asked him how?
Adolf Hitler replied, "The day mankind finds out what I was trying to defend this nation, Germany, from then that's the day World War 3 will start. For on that day, mankind will learn that I was trying to save my Nation from the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the jews. 
"For if the Americans win the war, then they will conquer the world and forever be a slave to the jews; and they will try to conquer God." 
"Do you know who America has in its possession?" "No", the soldier replied. "The Americans have the Jewels of God. The Americans have stolen God's precious jewels."
"What do you mean his precious jewels?" The soldier asked.
Hitler replied, "America has stolen the Jews; the 'Je…
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