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JAH-BUL-ON: The True god of Freemasonry

Explaining the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry JAH-BUL-ON This Judaeo-Masonic name for the 'Masonic Christ' is derived from 4 different languages : CHALDAEA - (JAH)   This is the Chaldaean name for the Masonic god ; signifying that ‘his essence and majesty is incomprehensible.' HEBREW - (JAH)  This is a Hebrew word signifying ‘I am and shall be’, thereby expressing the actual essence, future, and eternal existence of (TMH) The Most High . SYRIAC - (BUL)  This is a Syriac word denoting Lord, or Powerful, it is in itself a compound word, being formed from the preposition Beth, in or on, and UL, Heaven or on High. EGYPTIAN - (ON) This is an Egyptian word signifying 'Father of All', as in that well known prayer, Our Father, which art in Heaven. The various significations of the word may thus be collected: I am and shall be; Lord in Heaven or on High.’ Be very sure... what i

Why is the Church Silent on Abortion?

Will the Church of Jesus Christ stand condemned because of its despicable and cowardly silence on the Abortion Holocaust? The following statement is the Truth is Light  response; to a question respectfully shared by :  By: James E. Buchanan, III CEO/Information Architect   The answer is hell yes (and we use the world hell with a crystal clear understanding.) It's not the Supreme Court that we need to be dealing with; it's North American pastors, priests, rabbis, bishops, ministers, clerics and other higher and lower level Church officials; who are not only doing nothing to stop the bloody scourge and literal murder of Innocent Unborn Baby Humans... but are also profiting through grants, special fellowships and various other 'Faith-Based Handouts' from the federal government; for keeping their ecclesiastical mouths  shut, remaining slavishly complicit and continuing to tow the line of the New Order of the Ages; through direct and

Abortion is Murder One

You Already Know that Abortion is Murder... Now What Are You Going to do About it ? By: James E. Buchanan, III CEO/Information Architect 5000+ Innocent Unborn Baby Humans are horrifically ripped out of their mothers wombs, each and every day, right here in North America.  Where is the outrage in this Republics Churches, Temples, Mosques, Lodges and Synagogues?  Is the Obama Administration also totally to blame for this as well? 

Is Your Religious Leader Sharing the Whole Truth?

Is Your Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, Bishop, Minister or Other Church Official Sharing the Whole Truth?   Author: James E. Buchanan, III CEO/Information Architect  The 21st Century has brought with it, colossal gains in the areas of computer technology, physics, human genome sequencing, trans-humanism experimentation, cloning, the tearing down of political ideologies and religious methodologies. With the super advent of the Internet/Intranet, cultural, caste and racial lines are being blurred as never before. The feats that were once thought impossible, have become as easy as a keyboard stroke, a web-cam connection, an electronic mail message or a YouTube video blasted worldwide.  With all of the exciting glitz, glamor, bells and whistles to boot, the New Age also has a voluminously abysmal side as well. Although technology is an extremely good thing, in the wrong hands, it can also be something that can be used to exploit, rob, pillage, trick, emasculate and destroy the

Mormonism: Its True History, Signs and Symbols (Part #3)

A Truth is Light Q and A Session with an Official Mormon Representative Author: J.E. Buchanan, III CEO/Information Architect  __________________________ This is the last part of our three part series; of the Church of  Jesus Christ of  Latter-Day Saints. We have labored heavily, here at Truth is Light, to bring clarity, honesty, brevity and illumination on the core origins, true belief system and mind-control methodologies of the leaders within the Mormon faith.  We pray and trust that you have been enamored with these truths, if you were not knowledgeable before; and, much more, encouraged if you were already aware of the demonic influence that this church denomination has exercised within North America for well over 150 years.  At the End of the Age, it is our most sincere mission, at Truth is Light, to continue speaking the truth in love; and also to continue, forcefully, speaking truth to the evil,  powers that lurk within the hidden realms of the blackness of

A Worldwide Problem: A Practical Solution

Author: James E. Buchanan, III CEO/Information Architect ______________________ The status of the United States of Americas stance on the issue of drugs and drug sentencing has reached the level of red alert. In order of importance, to the future safety and continued global success of this country, the issue of drugs would definitely have to rank in the top three slots of national importance. The only issues  more important would be terrorism and foreign affairs. This research papers main focus is geared towards reaching a mutually amicable solution to the scourge of drugs upon our Republic.  We are going to explore the myriad of ways in which the re-legalization of non- synthetic, natural herbs will benefit our country; nutritionally, economically and globally. Legalization of non-synthetic herbs is in no way a far-fetched concept; it is the face and frontier of the New World.  A Worldwide Problem: A Practical Solution The core role of drugs
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