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JAH-BUL-ON: The True god of Freemasonry

Explaining the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry JAH-BUL-ON This Judaeo-Masonic name for the 'Masonic Christ' is derived from 4 different languages : CHALDAEA - (JAH)   This is the Chaldaean name for the Masonic god ; signifying that ‘his essence and majesty is incomprehensible.' HEBREW - (JAH)  This is a Hebrew word signifying ‘I am and shall be’, thereby expressing the actual essence, future, and eternal existence of (TMH) The Most High . SYRIAC - (BUL)  This is a Syriac word denoting Lord, or Powerful, it is in itself a compound word, being formed from the preposition Beth, in or on, and UL, Heaven or on High. EGYPTIAN - (ON) This is an Egyptian word signifying 'Father of All', as in that well known prayer, Our Father, which art in Heaven. The various significations of the word may thus be collected: I am and shall be; Lord in Heaven or on High.’ Be very sure... what i

Truth of the Black Madonna - Part 1

If Mary (Mother of Yeshua) Was Indeed Black, Why is Yeshua Portrayed as White?

Author: J. E. Buchanan, III
CEO/Information Architect

The worldwide historical, scientific and ecclesiastical communities will continue coming to grips with an ever-growing, vigilant, sub-section of private citizenry, teachers, scientists and active members of the clergy; who flatly refuse to stop asking questions, making inquiries, doing intensive research, etc., until they find the totality of the truth for themselves.  

The truth comes in many forms, messages, personifications, images and other related mediums. It is up to us to accept the totality of the truth, for all that it entails, and embrace it with every fiber of our innate being; or it is our God given right to reject the freedom of the truth. Either way, whether we accept or reject the truth that we are presented with, we will, with no doubt, be held totally accountable for our action or inaction. 

The following is what Yeshua Hamashiach had to say unto the high priests; who vainly questioned him concerning His messages and their meanings:

21 Why askest thou me? ask them which heard me, what I have said unto them: behold, they know what I said.

Saint John Chapter 18:19-21
Authorized King James Version Bible
Cambridge Edition 

So, it is no secret (to those who embrace the TRUTH) who Yeshua Hamashiach truly is; His likeness, His visage, His earthly mother, His imminent return, His royal lineage and His everlasting love for each and every one of us...

The following icons are just an extremely minute part of the the, rock solid, truth concerning the lineage of Yeshua Hamashiach... King of the Jews



Basilica della Santa Casa
(Basilica of the Holy House)
Loreto, Italy

The Black Madonna of  Montserrat
(Barcelona, Spain)

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