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JAH-BUL-ON: The True god of Freemasonry

Explaining the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry JAH-BUL-ON This Judaeo-Masonic name for the 'Masonic Christ' is derived from 4 different languages : CHALDAEA - (JAH)   This is the Chaldaean name for the Masonic god ; signifying that ‘his essence and majesty is incomprehensible.' HEBREW - (JAH)  This is a Hebrew word signifying ‘I am and shall be’, thereby expressing the actual essence, future, and eternal existence of (TMH) The Most High . SYRIAC - (BUL)  This is a Syriac word denoting Lord, or Powerful, it is in itself a compound word, being formed from the preposition Beth, in or on, and UL, Heaven or on High. EGYPTIAN - (ON) This is an Egyptian word signifying 'Father of All', as in that well known prayer, Our Father, which art in Heaven. The various significations of the word may thus be collected: I am and shall be; Lord in Heaven or on High.’ Be very sure... what i

Truth of the Black Madonna - Part 2

The Black Madonna Has its Roots Firmly Rooted Within the Egyptian Mystery Religion

Author: J. E. Buchanan, III
CEO/Information Architect 

Welcome to Part two, of a three part series, that encapsulates the ancient origins of the Black Madonna. 

The mystery of the Black Madonna has its roots firmly placed within the Egyptian Mystery Religion, KMT Secret Societies and Egyptian Mystery Schools. The Egyptian Mystery Schools are also where the practice of Christ-Mass originated from. Christ-Mass, technically, is really X-Mass, because the true date of YESHUA HAMASHIACH remains, and will forever remain, an enigma to the world. 

King Nimrod's birthday is also celebrated on 25 December all over the world; in various forms... from culture to culture. 

Please take into account, as duly noted before, the virgin birth date of the 'true' YESHUA HAMASHIACH is and will forever be an enigma to the world. 

King Nimrod and his mother/wife Semiramis (yes... he was married to his birth mother) established the 1st (post-flood) New Order of the Ages. Over the centuries, the likeness of Nimrod and his wife/mother Semiramis were officially venerated as divine; and they continue to be worshiped, venerated, uplifted and defended (to the death) as the Son of God and Mother of God.

Furthermore, King Nimrod is the first man-god, deity to be beatified, worshiped and human-sacrificed to in the world (post-flood).

King Nimrod and his mother/wife Semiramis were/are the demonic replacements of YESHUA HAMASHIACH and his mother Mary (wife of Joseph). 
Stacking even more credence to the aforementioned evidence, Genesis 10 (Authorized KJV Bible - Cambridge Edition) perfectly lays out King Nimrod's lineage:

 8 And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church is the only Universal Church to acknowledge, publicly and privately, that the Black Madonna and Christ Child are the TRUE 'likenesses' of YESHUA HAMASHIACH and His mother Mary (wife of Joseph.)


The 1st 'man-god' to be diefied worldwide (post-flood)


Now, this is where it begins to slip into the amalgamated vortex of historical facts. 

Nimrod and his wife/mother Semiramis are actually demonically and intrinsically placed 'imposters' for the 'true' YESHUA HAMASHIACH and his earthly mother; Mary (wife of Joseph). It was/is very easy for gullible, religious adherents throughout the centuries to believe in this mythos; due to the fact that King Nimrod and Queen Semiramis happened to be the same shade/color/hue of YESHUA HAMASHIACH and his mother Mary (wife of Joseph.)

Mother/Wife of King Nimrod

Many other churches, denominations, mosques, parishes, temples, shrines, synagogues and other various places of worship have lied, with secret, lesidious intent, to their most faithful congregants; hoping to cover-up the true bloodline, lineage and  holy divinity of YESHUA HAMASHIACH. 

Well over 90% of all religious faiths, outside of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, still testify to the inherent lie that YESHUA HAMASHIACH was/is a man of European descent. 

So, here the globe stands... wrapped within a 21st Century economic, moral and religious conundrum; where blatant lies and diabolical cover-ups are the order of the day... while the truth is as foreign as beach resort property; in the middle of the Mojave Desert. 

Please, we beseech you, in all seriousness and brevity that is humanly possible; to search out the truth of the whole matter for yourself.

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