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We Have None to Blame but Ourselves

Author: J.E. Buchanan, III
CEO/Information Architect

As long as Abortion Clinics and Planned Parenthood... AKA - Planned Parent-In-The-Hood is allowed to run rampant within the majority of urban centers within North America, the Black and Brown populace can only expect much worse. 

If Blacks and Hispanics continue to ignorantly, refuse to cherish life by protecting the unborn, why would the majority race even care?

"Charity begins at home... and then spreads abroad." 

Until the total physical, emotional and spiritual psyche of the Black and Brown familial unit is completely overhauled, then they will, no doubt, continue to see, more and more of the same, self-propagating and racially destructive behavior that comes as a result of the senselessly, demonic murder of the next generation of our innocent, unborn children.
The following are some of the insidiously shameful, asinine numbers: 
One out of every 3 births from women of color (Black and Brown) ends in an atrociously, bloody Abortion. 

A full generation of the Black and Brown race has been decisively, objectively and systematically obliterated from the shores of North America; while the mass majority of the ecclesiastical community rests idly upon their hypocritical laurels... within their ceiled, multi-billion dollar, 501(c)3 churches/businesses; arguing over foolishly vain babblings and meaningless, religious semantics. 

North America, as a Republic, is branded the Great Satan, around the world, within logical reasoning; for much of this fluid hatred stems from a fledgling land becoming so hell-bent on freedom of choice, that the majority of this nation wantonly forgot the One who extended freedom to them in the first place. 

In closing, as the swift and utter destruction of North America approaches... we, as a Republic, have none else to blame but ourselves...  

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