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Author: J. E. Buchanan, III

Dogs, cats, eagles, tigers, (of all sorts), turtles, hippos, monkeys, (of all species), etc., literally, have oath-sworn, men and women with badges & guns to protect their rights.

This country's power-drunk legislators and seedy lobbyists on Capitol Hill are playing the same old 'spin-the-bottle' tactics; while staging that they are vehemently arguing, whether or not, to protect the Constitutionally, God-instituted rights of all unborn baby humans within our Republic?


Top doctors, researchers and scientists, the world over, have stated time & time again, that life begins at the moment of conception.

If cutting edge, science & religion can agree on the sanctity of life... why can't this fledgling Republic do the same?
This same Republic that pompously and arrogantly acts as the morality barometer for the world, will soon crumble under the weight of its own transgressions. The demise of this Republic will be very similar in nature to the way that Rome fell... in 1 day.

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