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JAH-BUL-ON: The True god of Freemasonry

Explaining the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry JAH-BUL-ON This Judaeo-Masonic name for the 'Masonic Christ' is derived from 4 different languages : CHALDAEA - (JAH)   This is the Chaldaean name for the Masonic god ; signifying that ‘his essence and majesty is incomprehensible.' HEBREW - (JAH)  This is a Hebrew word signifying ‘I am and shall be’, thereby expressing the actual essence, future, and eternal existence of (TMH) The Most High . SYRIAC - (BUL)  This is a Syriac word denoting Lord, or Powerful, it is in itself a compound word, being formed from the preposition Beth, in or on, and UL, Heaven or on High. EGYPTIAN - (ON) This is an Egyptian word signifying 'Father of All', as in that well known prayer, Our Father, which art in Heaven. The various significations of the word may thus be collected: I am and shall be; Lord in Heaven or on High.’ Be very sure... what i

Sabbath Worship vs National Sun-Day Law

Sunday Law Quotes:

Roman Catholic

" We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church, in the Council of Laodicea [A.D. 364] transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday."

~ The Convert's Catechism of Catholic Doctrine, (12th Edition)

"You may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday. The scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day which we never sanctify.

~Roman Catholic Cardinal Gibbons
 Faith of our Fathers (pg.111)

"Let all the judges and townspeople, and the occupation of all trades rest on the venerable Day of the Sun!"

~Constantine's' Edict of March, 07, 321 A.D., Corpus Juris Civilis Cod. (Lib. 3), (tit. 12), (Lex. 3), (Appn. 9)

Emperor Constantine on Roman Coin


"There was and is a commandment to keep holy the Sabbath day, but that Sabbath day was not Sunday. It will be said, however, and with some show of triumph, that the Sabbath was transferred from the seventh to the first day of the week. Where can the record of such a transaction be found? Not in the New Testament... absolutely not!"

"To me, it seems unaccountable that Jesus, during three years' intercourse with His disciples, often conversing with them upon the Sabbath question, never alluded to any transference of the day; also, that during forty days of His resurrection life, no such thing was intimated.”

"Of course, I quite well know that Sunday did come into use in early Christian history... but what a pity. It comes branded with the mark of paganism, and christened with the name of the sun god; adopted and sanctioned by the papal apostasy, and bequeathed as a sacred legacy to Protestantism!"

Dr. Edward T. Hiscox 
A paper read before a New York ministers' conference, Nov. 13, 1893
Reported in New York Examiner, Nov. 16, 1893

The New Directory For Baptist Churches
Author: Dr. Edward T. Hiscox
Originally Published: 1859


"Where are we told in the Scriptures that we are to keep the first day at all?" 

"We are commanded to keep the seventh; but we are nowhere commanded to keep the first day."

"The reason why we keep the first day of the week holy instead of the seventh is for the same reason that we observe many other things, not because of the Bible, but because the church has enjoined it."

Isaac Williams 
Plain Sermons on the Catechism

Reverend Isaac  Williams
(1802 - 1865)

"There is no word, no hint, in the New Testament about abstaining from work on Sunday; into the rest of Sunday no divine law enters."

"The observance of Ash Wednesday or Lent stands exactly on the same footing as the observance of Sunday."

Canon Eyton 
The Ten Commandments


"It is quite clear that however rigidly or devotedly we may spend Sunday, we are not keeping the Sabbath." 

"The Sabbath was founded on a specific Divine command. We can plead no such command for the obligation to observe Sunday. There is not a single sentence in the New Testament to suggest that we incur any penalty by violating the supposed sanctity of Sunday."

Dr. R. W. Dale
The Ten Commandments

The Church of England
"Many people think that Sunday is the Sabbath; but neither in the New Testament, nor in the early Church is there anything to suggest that we have any right to transfer the observance of the seventh day of the week to the first. The Sabbath was, and is, Saturday and not Sunday; and if it were binding on us then, we should observe it on that day and on no other." 

Reverend Lionel Beere 
All-Saints Church, Ponsonby, New Zealand
Church and People, Sept. 1, 1947

"Nowhere in the Bible is it laid down that worship should be done on Sunday. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy! That is Saturday.” 

P. Carrington 
Archbishop of Quebec, Oct. 27, 1949 
Cited in Prophetic Signs, p 12.

Moody Bible Institute

"The Sabbath was binding in Eden, and it has been in force ever since. This fourth commandment begins with the word 'remember', showing that the Sabbath already existed when God wrote the law on the tables of stone at Sinai." 

"How can men claim that this one commandment has been done away with when they will admit that the other nine are still binding?"

 D. L. Moody 
Weighed and Wanting, pg. 47.

Reverend Dwight L. Moody
(1837 - 1899)


Now that you have read what many of the major world religions have to say concerning the Sabbath Day, let us reason together; while we understand what the Word of The Most High has to say about the Sabbath Day.

(Lev. 23:2) Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, Concerning the feasts of the Lord, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are my feasts.

(Lev. 23:4) These are the feasts of the Lord, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons.

(Lev. 23:5)
 In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the Lord's passover.

(Lev. 23:6)
 And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread unto the Lord: seven days ye must eat unleavened bread.

(Lev. 23:7)
 In the first day ye shall have an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein.

(Lev. 23:8)
 But ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord seven days: in the seventh day is an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein.

(Lev. 23:9)
 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,

(Lev. 23:10)
 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye be come into the land which I give unto you, and shall reap the harvest thereof, then ye shall bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest unto the priest:

(Lev. 23:11)
 And he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord, to be accepted for you: on the morrow after the sabbath the priest shall wave it.


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