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Why Are There No Black People in Argentina?

As I watched the Argentina and Iceland match today and wondered why there were no black players in the Argentinean team when other South American teams had black or biracial players, I remembered a conversation I had last year. It was while I was on a cruise from Florida to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Between an Argentinean doctor and myself, who had walked up to me during lunch one day and struck up a conversation with me. There was no hiding the attraction. We had bonded much to the chagrin of her three Argentinean friends. On the deck of the ship that day, she kept going on about how she loves black men and looks forward to traveling so she can meet them. I asked her. "Don't you have black people in Argentina?" She said with a matter of fact candour. "No. Long time ago, after slavery, we killed them all." I was taken aback. She smiled. And continued. "Very bad. I am ashamed of …


Author: James Edward Buchanan, III
CEO/Information Architect 

Jesuit overlords, levitating down underground, volume-lined corridors. 

From the days of Ignatius De Loyola, these imps have been trained from infancy;
to strip me of all my mental aptitude and capacity.

Pope Benedict XVI receiving his Masonic Brother;
Shimon Peres at the Vatican (Rome, Italy)

Before you shake your head and try to shrug this off as another fluke,
allow me to give you a 1st person glimpse into that red dragons roost!

"Here is wisdom... Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:
For it is the number of a man... and his number is six-hundred, threescore and six." 

Pope John Paul II
(worshipping before the Black Madonna and Christ Child)

This is cryptic knowledge that I speak.
It cannot be found in Archeology, Theology, Apologetics or contrite doctrines of men;
this can only be revealed through seeking The Most High God in Spirit and Truth.

As the Grand Creators' eminent wrath points to mankinds utter destruction by His awesome, fiery rod...
Look inward and ask yourself: "Am I the image of the Invisible God?"

The Tishman Building 
(New York, New York)
The Unholy-See, handing out mark... after mark... after mark... to clueless, gullible, unsuspecting adherents;
is nothing less than a universal, Novus Ordo Collusion.

Ancient Babylonian Obelisk

All the while, the hell-bound Ecclesia, who demonically relish within the blackness of darkness, 
may as well be mannequins.

Teaching me about your ivory, white god on The DAY-OF-THE-SUN [Sunday]...
then having a private session with your young and innocent Altar Boy or Adjutant on Monday. 

"Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding calculate the number of the beast:
for it is the number of a man... and his number is six-hundred, threescore and six."

The Right Reverend Charles Ellis Blake, Sr.
Presiding Bishop of Church of God in Christ, International

Now that you know who the Mark is... who is the Beast? 

© truthislight.com


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