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Author: J.E. Buchanan, III
CEO/Information Architect

Let us gaze beyond the iron curtain of gross ignorance, racial hatred and insidious lies.

Close your eyegates for 60 seconds... 

Focus on how you have been pre-programmed to hate, fear and target those who do not assimilate to your culture, religion or biased, personalized belief system.

The very same political and ecclesiastical charlatans, who lurk privily within the blackness of darkness, continue to dupe, lie, deceive, con and screw you up the river; with each and every appointment and election.

Furthermore, the more you hate, fear and disdain those whom you have never even met... the fatter the pockets the White, Negro and Hispanic leaders get... bar none!

If you think, for one iota, that the tenants of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness have anything to do with the true Founding Fathers aspirations for North America... need we point to the tragic demise of President's Lincoln and Kennedy?

Those who wantonly choose to mix truth with lies will, in time, draw flies; but those who dare to stand in the gap, in defense of the WHOLE TRUTH, must always be duly prepared to stand alone...

- JB3

The Tower Of Babel

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