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JAH-BUL-ON: The True god of Freemasonry

Explaining the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry JAH-BUL-ON This Judaeo-Masonic name for the 'Masonic Christ' is derived from 4 different languages : CHALDAEA - (JAH)   This is the Chaldaean name for the Masonic god ; signifying that ‘his essence and majesty is incomprehensible.' HEBREW - (JAH)  This is a Hebrew word signifying ‘I am and shall be’, thereby expressing the actual essence, future, and eternal existence of (TMH) The Most High . SYRIAC - (BUL)  This is a Syriac word denoting Lord, or Powerful, it is in itself a compound word, being formed from the preposition Beth, in or on, and UL, Heaven or on High. EGYPTIAN - (ON) This is an Egyptian word signifying 'Father of All', as in that well known prayer, Our Father, which art in Heaven. The various significations of the word may thus be collected: I am and shall be; Lord in Heaven or on High.’ Be very sure... what i

Mormonism: Its True History, Signs and Symbols (Part#2)

The Heretical Doctrines of Joseph Smith, Jr.

James E. Buchanan, III
CEO/Information Architect

After an overview of the truly occultic childhood and upbringing of Joseph Smith, Jr., in part one of this series, it should not take a lot of convincing to fully understand that, through his spiritually, superstitious familial roots, the occult world would, in fact, become a very intricate and integral part of his personal lifestyle and later doctrine for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

It should be duly noted that as time progressed, Joseph Smith, Jr's. view of the Holy Bible became more and more obscurely outlandish. He began to feel within himself that Father God was giving him divine authority to produce another book for mankind to live by... the Book of Mormon. 

In 1830, when the alleged revelation of the Book of Mormon was first penned, Joseph Smith, Jr. had this to offer concerning the authenticity, validity and completeness of  the '1611 "Authorized" King James Version Holy Bible, Cambridge Edition:

And the angel of the Lord said unto me, Thou hast beheld that the book proceedeth forth from the mouth of a Jew; and when it proceedeth forth from the mouth of a Jew it contained the plainness of the gospel of the Lord, of whom the twelve apostles bear record; and they bear record according to the truth which is in the Lamb of God: Wherefore, these things go forth from the Jews in purity unto the Gentiles, thou seest the foundation of a great and abominable church, which is most abominable above all other churches; For behold, they have taken away from the gospel of the Lamb many parts which are plain and most precious; And also many covenants of the Lord have they taken away. (I Nephi 3:165-169), The Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith, Jr. Translating His 'New Bible' (pub.1867)

(Smith used the very same, or similar, types of seer stones that his family and others within their community also used for Magick rituals and other demonic incantations during his childhood to pen his 'New Bible')

Joseph Smith did not just stop with the Book of Mormon; he also eventually penned the, "Joseph Smith Translation" of the 1611 'Authorized' King James Version Holy Bible, Cambridge Edition. 

In Genesis Chapter 50:33 of Joseph Smith's Bible, there is an extremely egregious error (and there are over 85+ more) where he, very literally, moves the majority of the historical account of Enoch and replaces it with, none other than, himself! 

Genesis 50:33 of Joseph Smith's Translation (JST) reads: 

And that seer will I bless, and they that seek to destroy him shall be confounded; for this promise I give unto you; for I will remember you from generation to generation; and his name shall be called Joseph, and it shall be after the name of his father. 
"Joseph Smith Translation," Holy Bible, (Salt Lake City: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 1978), p.799.

The Joseph Smith Translation (JST) of the Holy Bible (1867)
(Smith added/subtracted from the 'Authorized' 1611 King James Version Bible, Cambridge Edition 85+ times)

The 1611 King James 'Authorized Version' Bible, Cambridge Edition is complete in and of itself; and warns us directly and expressly about adding or taking away from His holy Word. 

Proverbs 30:6 states this expressly through the wisdom of King Solomon of Judea: 

"Add thou not unto his words unless he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar."

Furthermore, Revelation 22:18-19 emphatically states:

"If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”

Joseph Smith, Jr. also claimed that he allegedly received most of his divine revelatory messages from the angel Moroni. This may even be a true fact; but look at what the King James 'Authorized Version' Bible has to say through the Apostle Paul to the Galatians about angels who carry another message: 

Gold image of the angel Moroni 
(Moroni rests atop every Mormon Temple)
Joseph Smith, Jr. allegedly received the contents of the Book of Mormon from this ministering servant/angel

I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel. Which is not another, but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel of heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.   
(Galatians 1:6-8) '1611 "Authorized" King James Version Bible, 
Cambridge Edition

Joseph Smith, Jr., even if he started his search for the everlasting truth with the greatest of noble intentions, was duped, tricked, overtaken and deceived by what he perceived to be the holy and divine. 

This is what the Apostle Paul had to say to the Corinthians concerning false teachers:

But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light
(II Corinthians 12:11-14) '1611 "Authorized" King James Version Bible, Cambridge Edition

(The Light Bearer)
Transforming Himself into an 'Angel of Light'

The true, divinely inspired and pure Word of God has already been beautifully translated and distributed from the original Aramaic text; to the Jews first... and the Greeks, Africans, Asians, English, etc. 

The King James Version Bible was made complete through the blood atonement of YESHUA HAMASHIACH; who bore the sin of the universe that we may have the free-will to acknowledge our sin by: 

1) Asking Father God to forgive us of our many sins and transgressions.

2) Believing that Yeshua was tortured, crucified and died on Golgotha (the place of the skull) for our personal sins.

3) Fully accepting the fact that Father God has forgiven us of all of our sins and transgressions. 

4) Understanding that when we sin, our sins are forever covered by the atoning blood of Yeshua; when we keep a repentant heart. 

Yeshua Hamashiach
(Jesus the Anointed)
Adonai (I AM)
Malakh Melitz (Advocate)
Kol Bakol (All in All)
Aleph v'Tav (Alpha and Omega)
Rosh vaSof (Beginning and Ending)
Reishit Bri'at HaElohim (Beginning of the Creation of God)
Yadeed (Beloved One)
Tsemach Tsedakah (Branch of Righteousness)
Lechem Shamayim (Bread of Heaven)
Chatan (Bridegroom)
Rosh Pinah (Cornerstone)
Or-Boker Mimarom (Dayspring from on High)

HaPalat (Deliverer)
HaSha'ar (Door)  
Ne'eman V'Yashar (Faithful and True One)
Yeshua Minetzeret (Jesus of Nazareth)
Yeshua ben-Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph)
Devar HaElohim (Word of God)
Chokhmat Elohim (Wisdom of God)
Hamashgiach Nafshoteikhem (Watcher of Our Souls)

Ed HaEmet v'haTzedek (True and Righteous Witness)
HaDavar Elohim (The Word of God)

HaDerech (The Way)
HaEmet (The Truth)
HaGefen Emet (The True Vine)

Tsaddik (The Righteous One)
HaNavi (The Prophet)

Adon HaKavod (The Lord of Glory)

The gift of salvation is free to anyone, anywhere; regardless of race, color, familial status, income, what you have done or what you are even doing right now. 

Whoever teaches another gospel other than the gospel of YESHUA HAMASHIACH and Him crucified, as we have previously studied, let them be accursed.  ~JB3 

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