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The Abba Garima manuscripts, kept in an Ethiopian monastery and until now considered to be from the 11th century, have made a journey back in time. Carbon-14 dating has revealed them to be from an earlier period—between 330-650 AD. As it stands, Ethiopia possesses the oldest illustrated copy of the Gospel in the world.

No one could have guessed that one of the manuscripts kept at the Abba Garima monastery, near Adwa in the North of Ethiopia, was the oldest illustrated Bible yet to be discovered. However, after recent carbon-14 dating, there is no more doubt that the manuscripts at Abba Garima, named after the monk who founded the monastery, are not from the 11th century AD as specialists were determined to believe, but rather from between the 4th and 6th century A.D.

Seal of the Essenes
Seal of the Coptic (Hebrew/Christian) Empire of Ethiopia

This recent discovery disproves earlier theories put forward by scien…

Introduction to UPC Codes

Check Out Barcodes on ALL Food Products!
This is worth knowing, so take the time to read this, especially the 2nd bit... (PLEASE READ ENTIRE ARTICLE) Current Affair did a Report on frozen vegetables imported from New Zealand. As it turns out, if it is a Coles or Woollies home brand, there is a more than good chance that the product has come from China. Products made by McCain’s, Birdseye and other supposed reputable companies from New Zealand are now purchasing veggie products from China and selling that product under their name.
Basically check where it is produced by the comments on the back of the pack and if it says produced from New Zealand and Imported product it has Chinese vegies in it, put it back on the shelf. I would even go as far as to say, even if it has product of New Zealand on it, I would be suspicious about where those vegies in that pack come from. I suppose to play it safe unless it has been grown and packed in Australia stay away from it unless you don’t mind digesti…

WARNING: Masons Practice Witchcraft

Don't Get it Twisted... All Freemasons Practice Witchcraft... Knowingly or Unknowingly

Origins of Who Freemasons Worship
The origins of the "Goat of Mendes" can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Actual Goats and Rams were worshiped in many cities throughout Egypt, thousands of years ago. The Goat is synonymous with Satanism. The horns also representing the Horned Gods/Goddesses; a symbol of fertility in many different cultures and time periods.

Ptah the Egyptian God of Magick, knowledge and wisdom (an alias of Satan) BECAME the Goat; sometimes a ram in the city of Mendes where he was worshiped as such. The Goat/Ram of Mendes represented the "Ba" which was the Egyptian word for the "Soul." Ptah was considered to be a great magician and "Lord of the Serpents."

There are many false claims, based upon ignorance, that the Goat was invented as a reaction to the Lamb of Xianity, which came much later.

The Horned Goat is also directly of Enki (Satan). Th…

The Negro Solution?

We have received different responses on our Abolitionist Social Media pages concerning the issue of the life or death of our unborn Sisters and Brothers; from a Neapolitan mix of races... literally across the globe. Some responses have been aloof and detached... some have stated that it is the governments job to legislate... others have argued that a woman should be able to have command of her own body... while yet others are vehemently against even the mention of the word Abortion.

The Hebrew/Negro race in North America is fading into the smoldering abyss of Sheol with their eyes wide shut. Child Sacrifice is not a discussion topic; this is a bloody and sobering fact that calls all people of color to action.

Over 25% of all people of color have been obliterated from this Republic already. But since most folk look at Child Sacrifice as a private matter, it is something that is left as the elephant in the middle of the room... with a raggedy tarp thrown over it. 

The bloody scourge of Abo…

Only The Most High Can Help Us

If the majority of our beautiful people would only take our rich and fluid Hebrew history seriously, they would know and fully understand that Caucasian people were not the original Greeks of antiquity... people of color were. 

Most of these young, Hebrew men and women are running around thinking that they are in a so called, "elite club", when YT is sitting back laughing at them; because he knows, all the while, that he stole KMT knowledge from our people and literally kidnapped, raped, pillaged, beat-down, and re-educated the masses of our people with a deceptive version of the Holy Book and our own KMT history.

I know a young Black Brother personally, who went to a, "smoker" (informational session for prospective fraternity pledges).

He directly asked one of the fraternity members:

Q: "What is the true purpose of the hazing ritual?"
A: "The purpose of hazing is to bring the pledge back into theslave mentality."

Note: Why in the bloody hell is ther…

Signs, Symbols, and Due Diligence

Regardless what we say or do, all races, creeds, colors, nationalities, cultures, castes, etc., are intricately interwoven within each other; since we were all one race, after the Great Flood.

Momentarily, the Old Order will be forever erased by fire and brimstone; and the New Order will rise from the ashes of vile racial supremacy, insidious corporate and ecclesiastical greed, bloody rape and murder, rampant looting, wars and rumors of wars, and all out, global mayhem.

All of the signs and symbols of judgement day are right before our eyes; if you would dare to ask The Most High to open up the doors of Divine Knowledge and Understanding, so you may see clearly... the light of the truth.

Look at the following symbols very closely; and take a few minutes to study where you have seen them before. Do your own due diligence, so that you will not be duped, fooled, scammed, or hoodwinked by the highly paid, filthy charlatans of the, so called, 'Truther Movement'.
Always remember... &qu…
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